Business Unit Products


“The SK FireSafety Group Business Unit Products supplies all portable fire fighting products to all sectors and users. Our customers are end users such as Facility Managers, Purchasers, Health and Safety Representatives, Technical Services and private individuals, but also installation companies that apply fire safety services for their customers.

We develop no less than 60% of our products ourselves and these are produced in the Netherlands. This makes us unique. And perhaps not unique, but certainly special, is that the SK FireSafety Group not only has a national network of more than 140 system and maintenance engineers, but also more than 20 technical advisers who know all the guidelines and laws that apply to your sector. We are confident that we are at the top of our game in the areas of making risk analyses and giving customised advice. Finally, we have our own Research & Development Department that translates the wishes of specific customer groups into customised solutions. With the Business Unit Products, you’re not so much purchasing products, but protection and risk reduction.”