In offices, fire safety involves protecting people: fast evacuation has the highest priority. De Vries provides all products needed for evacuation route signalling and emergency lighting. Yet, there is a lot to gain in the area of fire fighting.

Because a fire in an office always starts small, with a printer or waste basket, for example. With the correct extinguishing product and well-trained emergency response teams, a starting fire can be extinguished before the fire brigade needs to be involved. That’s why training is becoming an increasingly important product in our scope of supply. One of the reasons for this, is that the fire brigade limits itself more and more to saving lives and returns the responsibility for the building and the inventory to the manager.

Our advice is also used more and more by office managers. The reason for this is clear. An office environment is a dynamic environment: the design of the building and the processes that take place are not static, they change continually. Walls are placed or removed and spaces are given an entirely different function. This means that the fire risk shifts unnoticed. An inventory by a De Vries Technical Adviser gives you clear insight into the state of your fire safety and how you can optimise your situation and ensure that the spaces meet the applicable standards again. And because you also want to be able to budget for your fire safety, we can give insight into maintenance and likely replacement costs over a number of years.

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