Fire prevention in and around an aluminum press

E-MAX PROFILES is a company that makes aluminum profiles. Aluminium profiles are for example used for finishing and protecting steps and thresholds. E-MAX has two branches in Belgium, in Dilsen and Gullegem. In recent years E-MAX several times had to deal with small and large fires in and around one of the aluminum presses. Together with De Vries Fire Protection E-MAX started looking for an appropriate solution.

Flame detectors

The solution to the problem was found in a minor adjustment of the press section, through which the oil of the machine no longer comes into contact with the aluminum waste.

Previously, a fire was extinguished with portable extinguishers, as soon as it was noticed by the employees of E-MAX. De Vries Fire Protection has installed an automatic gas extinguishing system in the press, based on carbon dioxide (CO2). To activate the gas extinguishing system, flame detectors are mounted around the profile press, that alert in case of elevated ultraviolet or infrared radiation levels, which causes the system to automatically begin extinguishing.

In recent years, De Vries has created appropriate solutions for different situations in the company several times for E-MAX. Thanks to the adaptation and the gas extinguishing system of De Vries, fire in and around the aluminum press is avoided as much as possible and the employees of E-MAX do not have to extinguish themselves.