Phased replacement of an existing fire alarm

Huize Damiaan is a former seminary in South Limburg, built by the Fathers of the Order of the Sacred Hearts. Today the building serves as accommodation for events, parties and conferences, and also offers the possibility to stay overnight.

In order to spread the costs, the old fire alarm of Huize Damiaan wasn’t replaced at once, but gradually by a new one.

Spread costs

During a tour Huize Damiaan no longer proved to meet the minimum safety requirements. One of the short comings was an outdated fire alarm system, that needed to be replaced in order to improve fire safety. However, the costs involved were impossible to cover at once for Huize Damiaan. In consultation, the owner of the site, the fire department and De Vries Fire Protection opted for phased replacement, so costs were spread. During the replacement, the mechanics of De Vries ensured that the old and new installation always had a seamless connection, to fully secure safety for employees and guests of Huize Damiaan.

Huize Damiaan chose De Vries Fire Protection because of flexibility and willingness to think along with them. The staged replacement enabled Huize Damiaan to have a new fire alarm system to be installed without possessing a large sum of money first.