Maintenance of fire extinguishers at a university

Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and with nearly 16,000 students and 4,000 employees still growing. The university is partially located in old buildings in the historical center of the city, partially in new construction in the district Randwyck. At all 34 sites of the university, De Vries Fire Protection arranges the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

According to laws and regulations fire extinguishers must be inspected annually for pressure, seals and damage. The five-yearly maintenance is an extended form of the annual inspection, during which in some cases the filling is renewed. After 10 years, the filling is replaced regardless. During their inspection, fire hose reels are examined for damage, accessibility and visibility and readable instructions.

1633 fire hose reels and extinguishers

Since 1997, De Vries Fire Protection takes care of the inspection and maintenance of the extinguishing equipment of the University of Maastricht: 1,633 fire hose reels and fire extinguishers. This year, De Vries about overhauled a quarter of all available fire extinguishers and replaced all disapproved extinguishers with bio-foam extinguishers, which are less environmentally harmful than ordinary fire extinguishers.

The periodic maintenance is done with fully equipped service vehicles, on the locations of the university. Also, any refills, repairs and overhauls are usually performed locally. With the bio-foam extinguishers, University Maastricht takes sustainability into account in regards to fire safety.