Maintenance of fire extinguishers in 8 health care residencies

Vivantes consists of 8 residential care centers and 500 care homes for senior citizens in the municipalities Sittard-Geleen, Beek and Stein. At all locations of Vivantes, De Vries Fire Protection takes care of the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, first aid kits and dry risers.

Annual and monthly inspection

Since 2002, De Vries Fire Protection inspects and maintenances the 200 fire hose reels and extinguishers of Vivantes. The extinguishing agent in the extinguisher is different: foam, powder and CO2. Since 2011, De Vries also performs maintenance on the fire blankets, emergency lighting, dry risers and the monthly monitoring of the fire alarm systems.

Fire extinguishers must be checked every year, like dry risers. For first aid kits there is also a directive: they must be supplemented every year and old items need to be replaced. When the emergency lighting is examined,  De Vries checks if the battery still works and if necessary it is replaced, as are any defective parts.

Vivantes can put the control and maintenance of both the fire and safety equipment completely in the hands of De Vries. The mechanics of De Vries ensure that the equipment is always checked and maintained on time, so that the maximum safety in residential care is always guaranteed.