Maintenance of fire protection at 154 locations

The Water Company Limburg (WBL) is responsible for the transportation and treatment of waste water and the drying of dehydrated sludge in the province of Limburg. Of the 146 employees, about half works at the headquarters in Roermond, the other half is spread across the province of Limburg. In all 154 locations of WBL, De Vries inspects and maintenances the fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, first aid kits and AED’s (automated external defibrillator).

To ensure that the fire protection functions properly in the event of an emergency, it must be regularly maintained in accordance with the applicable standards. For example, the extinguishers are checked annually for the pressure level, seals and damage. In case of AED’s , the capacity of the batteries and the condition of the electrodes are checked for example.

Evacuation Drawings

Since 1994, De Vries carries out inspection and maintenance of the extinguishing equipment of WBL: 760 extinguishers, filled with foam or CO2, and the fire hose reels. Since 2009, De Vries also does the inspection and maintenance of the emergency lighting (almost 1000), first aid kits and AED’s. As of this year, De Vries also supplies the evacuation drawings for the locations of WBL.

WBL can rely on De Vries for all inspection and maintenance, both for the fire and other safety equipment. The mechanics of De Vries know the situation at each location of the Water Company Limburg and ensure that the equipment is always checked and maintained on time.